Our Challenge

The aim of this project is to understand the driving mechanisms and characteristics of their own retroflections; follow the trajectory, transformation and fate of retroflected waters and identify teleconnections allow both retroflected regions to operate in a unified manner.


The general objectives are:


okImproving our understanding of the mechanisms that cause these retroflexions.

okBrowse advective and diffusive processes taking place in the associated frontal systems.

okAssess the current role in the transport and diversion of water and its physical and biogeochemical charge.

okStudy the routes taken and transformations experienced by retroflected waters.

okStudying the mechanisms who forces teleconnections between these regional branches that have a global impact.


From the strategical and technological point of view, the project also represents an opportunity to:


okContinue the development of instrumented bypass and useful tools for the international oceanographic community .

okContinue participating in international programs such as the South Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.

okOptimize annual BIO Hesperides traffic to and from Antarctica.